Chesil beach Hare

8th November 2015 , we visited Chesil beach to see if recent winds had washed any drift ashore , unfortunately the beach was clean , only seaweed on the strandline .

On the drive back , my wife Julie spotted a Brown Hare Lepus europaeus running along the single bank , we waited to see where it settled , and I made my way over in the hope it would still be there .

At first I thought it had moved on , but on closer inspection , found it resting among driftwood and other debris , perfectly camouflaged against the pebbles , using my Canon 500L , I settled down at took a series of shots , the Hare was aware of me , but stayed in place .

We have long known that Brown Hares live and forage on beaches , but photographing them can be frustrating , often running along the shingle , and impossible to capture on camera .

This sighting once again highlights beaches as suitable Mammal habitats .