Fish bite marks in marine litter

After reading an online feature on marine litter with fish and Turtle bite marks , I decided to spent time looking for such objects on my local Dorset beaches .

This Winter has seen vast amounts of long haul debris coming across the Atlantic , remains of crab and Lobster traps , buoys and all the normal single use plastic items such as plastic bottles , closer inspection showed alarming amounts of litter with bite marks on them , from V shaped cuts left by juvenile Turtles , to shredded bites from Triggerfish and seabirds .

We are aware that the Atlantic Grey triggerfish is native to the UK , and the warmer waters off the Caribbean , they also travel beneath marine debris rafts , I'm unsure why they eat plastic , maybe removing Goose barnacles and other settlers .

Our book, The Essential Guide To Beachcombing And The Strandline describes this relationship in detail